According to technology blog reported that samsung is expected in September launched the first weeks black and white colors mixed flat products Galaxy Note 3, but wait until October when, samsung will launch pink version of the Galaxy Note 3 .

Reported that the current version can not be determined Pink Galaxy Note 3 if only for South Korea and Taiwan markets.

Previously, samsung has confirmed that it will publish equipped with 5.9 inches screen of the Galaxy Note 3. During May of this year, samsung, CEO Shen Zong-(JK Shin) has said that it will be available this September at the IFA show in Germany published on the Galaxy Note 3 products.

Technology blog site reported that Apple is expected to release Galaxy Note 3 ceremony will be held on September 4 this year. If this time is conclusive, then, samsung may use "Unpacked 2013 Episode 2" this stage, also released recently rumored very wide Galaxy Gear smartphone devices.

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