Samsung increases the price of mobile, tablet, computer, smart watches

May 18,2016

Samsung electronics follow the trend of “fair pricing policy” in the local market, it will be at first quarter of 2016, from January until March increasing the price of Samsung product such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and smart watches by 6% to 9.8%.

According to the devices and product price list that Samsung sent to its distributor, the price of mobile device increased by 6% to 7.6%, such as the price of Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 phone increased from EGP 7100 to EGP 7700 and from EGP 4900 to EGP 5200 respectively.

Smart watches is also one of the Samsung product, the price of Gear S2 Classic increased by 9.3% which from EGP 3700 to EGP 4100, while Gear S2 Sport increased by 9.8%, from EGP 3500 to EGP 3900.

Meanwhile, tablet price were raised by 7% to 7.4%. The Tab 3 price increase EGP 100 which from EGP 1300 to EGP 1400 whereas Tab S2 increased substantially from EGP 4900 to EGP 5200.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced a decision last week to amend the value of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound from EGP 7.73 to EGP 8.95, before the final decrease last Thursday to EGP 8.87.

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