Recently, there is news that the 2014 iPhone might launch two tablet phone. Among them, a system equipped with 4.7 inches screen, another is equipped with 5.7 inches screen. Samsung pioneered and led big screen mobile phone trend. Explore by its hand in this emerging market, it has prevailed. Especially with 5.8 inches and 6.3 inches Galaxy Mega series of large-screen mobile phone market, but also to consolidate its presence in the big screen mobile phone market position.

Big screen lucrative mobile phone market. Market research firm expects 2013 global tablet phones will reach $ 46 billion total revenue, and that "to 2018 will be in the global smart phone shipments account for a large share of them will become the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM ), to create the next generation product line around the foundation. "

IPhone suit advance big screen mobile phone market, samsung obviously want to compete in this field. iPhone will be better than samsung do?

Popular big screen
Mobile Internet era, so the big screen smart phones become the meat and potatoes, market share soared, so join them laugh opened Yan mobile phone manufacturers.

Big screen mobile phone market be? Market research firm BI Intelligence predicts that 2016 will be 63% flat rate phone, from 2013 to 150 million increase to 350 million.

In fact, the emphasis on the application of today, consumers are getting more like having a big screen smartphone. For them, the market is flooded with the original 3.5-inch, 4 inch or more, even more than 5 inch screen mobile phone is no longer attractive.

For chase the trend of young people, the large screen means better visual experience to facilitate their watch videos and play games (which is the white-collar workers who commute quite a treat Lock Road), and for older phones users, large screen display clearer, easier to read them.

Samsung is the originator of the phone to create a big screen, with the iPhone against the road, it's nirvana is the big screen and slim. 2011, samsung pioneered the main selling point of the big screen Galaxy Note, ignited a global consumer enthusiasm for big screen phones. 2012, Galaxy Note II is like the big screen for the user by surprise exceed 5 inches screen (5.5 inches of screen). Subsequently, the other handset makers aware of this, they have to throw consumers opt to launch a large-screen phone.

Now, samsung mobile phone on the big screen to make more bold attempt. In July this year, samsung has launched two 5.8 inches and 6.3 inch large screen of Galaxy Mega phone. It is reported that the series is not only developed a new size large screen samsung phone product line, but also help to promote smart phones and tablet PC experience to further integration.

Following is the samsung Galaxy Mega Galaxy Note series and later an important product series, the full integration of the Tablet PC and smart phone dual advantage. The release of two mobile phones samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy Mega 5.8, prior to the release of the global industry's attention, where the former is currently the largest screen samsung smart phone products. Oversized "as" not only can improve viewing comfort, but also for web browsing, video and social networking services such as applications, providing better widescreen experience.

Samsung pushing in the next, big screen mobile phone market mushroomed generally vigorous growth, quickly became the market trends and competitive focus. According to data released by the Swedish company, in May this year, the top ten best-selling mobile phone, 4.0 inch mobile phone accounts for more than 80%, highlighting the large-screen mobile phones are favored by consumers.

Apple To Follow
Samsung strong push large screen mobile phone products, triggered a chain reaction in the industry, other manufacturers have accelerated the pace of follow-up, the resulting wave of large screen mobile phones available in the new craze.

It is understood that the exemplary samsung under, HUAWEI, lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad, as the representative of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, quickly followed also achieved good results. Which, HUAWEI become upstart on the smartphone market, but also by virtue of the big screen phone lenovo bestseller successful host.

Samsung, HUAWEI, lenovo in the competitive smartphone market, able to forge ahead the greatest force, is to grasp the law of development of the mobile phone industry. The information display from Digi Times, 6 inches screen smart phones will quickly become the field of manufacturing trends.

To meet this expected trend, many component suppliers plans this year to increase production of this standard panel. Allegedly, the trend in Japan, panel manufacturers is particularly evident, mainly in the two major manufacturers Sharp and Panasonic dynamics. There were indications that these two manufacturers are stepping thinner standard 6-inch panel production, this type of screen to be for high-end smart phones, a lot of the third quarter of this year is expected to put into use.

Canadian investment bank Canaccord Genuity found that this year in May, the U.S. carriers AT & T, Verizon Wireless (Verizon Wireless), T-Mobile USA (T-Mobile USA) and Sprint (Sprint) in retail stores, samsung smartphone (Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3 sum of three models) outsold Apple's iPhone.

Eye Look samsung smart phone market courageously forward, iPhone screen to start running out of patience. Foreign news shows, iPhone is preparing to launch larger screen phones and tablets to cope with the big screen samsung offensive. Suppliers from the iPhone insiders, Apple iPhone in recent months customized size larger than the current iPhone screen smart phone prototype, and asked for the size slightly smaller than the new 13-inch flat-panel computer screen designs.

IPhone design changes, means that it will launch 4-inch screen than the current iPhone 5 and iPad 9.7 inches larger size mobile phones and tablet computers. For news, iPhone spokesman refused to answer. But the fact is that last year Apple's iPhone and iPad improved product design, launched a 7.9 inches screen of the iPad MiNi.

IPhone making this change, perhaps forced. In the just-released earnings report, iPhone revenue fell sharply. Profit in the year ended June 29 this quarter, iPhone revenue in China fell 14%, the chain fell 43%, with only $ 4.6 billion.

This changes what it means? Once, Chinese consumers very favorite iPhone, resulting in long queues before they officially on sale product, or even fighting. But now the situation has changed. Perhaps this is the reason for persecution iPhone changed. IPhone suit advance big screen mobile phone market, samsung obviously want to compete in this area. IPhone will do better than samsung?

New competition
IPhone and samsung smart phone field two rivals. In order to curb the two companies have been each other and painstaking. Samsung led the big screen in the mobile phone market, iPhone whether a successful challenge?

In fact, iPhone on the big screen on the mobile phone market has been left behind. "Flat mobile phone" screen size is generally between 5 inches to 6.9 inches, which has a larger screen phone, the first time after the year 2010 was welcomed by consumers. Although the tablet phones have experienced in the early criticisms of this product relative to the smart phone screen size is too large, relative to the Tablet PC, but too small and therefore can not get consumer recognition, but the reality is that in 2013 tablet Total revenue is expected to reach the phone $ 46 billion.

In the global market, Iphone has become pursuers. Strategy Analytics, global data show, samsung this quarter accounted for 33.1% of the market, iPhone ranked second with a market share of 17.9%. Only in the Tablet PC market, Apple was dominant, but the status is also loose. IDC data show that in the tablet market, iPhone market share in the quarter from 58.1% in the same period last year, dropped to 39.6%. The use of Google android operating system, samsung, tablet PC market accounted for 17.9% share, 11.3% higher than a year earlier.

Despite the unfavorable situation, but the iPhone does not give up. Held in June this year at WWDC, iPhone its a competitive advantage in the market's ability hardline attitude. "IPhone is no longer possess the ability to innovate." IPhone that executives Phil Schiller, iPhone still has a bright future.

Although Phil Schiller offerings to ensure iPhone will revive innovation, but the fact is: samsung released through faster and more popular new products even better, the iPhone is an annual fall conference tedious, no surprise to made it. Some iPhone customers lost patience, can not wait to come under an iPhone, you switch to the samsung.

But the biggest problem is, i? Phone will really determined to enter the big screen mobile phone market? Because of its production processes are optimized for the smaller screen. IPhone deceased founder Steve Jobs has declared that in his lifetime, iPhone original 3.5-inch screen, "the consumer is the perfect size." The industry believes that "shorter and wider in the years using a 3.5-inch screen, after, iPhone iPhone 5 has established a standard 4-inch screen. IPhone 6 will once again continue to use the 4-inch standard, which is almost a shoo-thing. about 5.7 inches iPhone 6 rumor is a bit ridiculous?

In the industry view, iPhone determined to enter the big screen even if the mobile phone market, but this seemed a bit slow to change.

If the iPhone is really determined to change, it faces challenges no less. In addition to how to deal with samsung competition, production processes, supply chain, and other developers to develop a series of questions are "ambush" in the iPhone's big screen road.

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