With the arrival of the first school day, online shopping firms introduced school holidays, you want to meet the big screen, easy to carry and also features good money student group, a variety of light, thin, big notebooks, tablet PCs, smart mobile phones and other mobile power 3C info concessions, so that people can take the opportunity to grab Guaranteed.

Online shopping industry, said the school season title replaces the 17-inch big desk machine notebook processor upgrade to the fourth generation haswell core i5, plus an upgraded version of the five-hour battery storage capacity to meet the needs of students' group. The school favorite Tablet PC v, where four-core processor tablet items count is growing 9.5 percent, in order to facilitate the networking needs lithographic group, almost all equipped with 3G Internet access, during the school season this year, Tablet PC product performance estimates will grow by 30 per cent.

Now almost everyone has a smartphone, the industry outlook for the variety of stylish, powerful promotional price of high-end cell phones to meet the demand value product features and prices of the student group, especially the big screen's most smartphones Now, consumers tend to buy more than 4.7 inch big screen mobile phone, and then carry more than 8 million pixels camera is the best-selling merchandise.

In addition, with the following LCD screen panel 19 type gradually discontinued and the school season replacement tide, large-size LCD screen to become the first choice of consumers, with 22 type large screen most consumers, the price is more close to the people, 20 type TN panel screen priced below 3,000 ringgit a find, mainstream 22-24 type LCD screen, to kill 2900-4900 ringgit; panel market is expected to become the mainstream of future high-end IPS, AH-IPS, prices have come down for the 3900-4900 ringgit, in line with the consumer can accept a high-level panel prices.

Peripheral actions also a student population purchasing power essential goods, in a dilemma when they go out fear battery died, the industry launched over 2,000 mobile power, of which more than 5000mAh high capacity mobile power supply, most consumers, the price of about 400 to RM1, 000 this year, over a variety of large capacity 10000mAh mobile Power flaunt one thousand ringgit have more to find, 3C peripheral products offer a variety of deals allow people to choose from.

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