YouTube is the world's largest video sharing site , early-stage companies headquartered in California Shengbulinuo . In the pizzeria and Japanese restaurant , allowing users to download, watch and share videos or movies. Company on February 15, 2005 registration , founded by Taiwan -born Chinese-American Steve Chen et al , slogans site is "Broadcast Yourself" ( express yourself ) , the site name and logo are all from the early television cathode ray used tube made ​​of hair want . November 2006 , Google the company to $ 1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, and put it to operate as a subsidiary . But for how to profit by YouTube , Google has maintained a very cautious approach . YouTube after being acquired are still popular worldwide users , Citigroup analysts believe that to 2012 full year , Google may get $ 2.4 billion in net income from YouTube.

YouTube was founded in 2005 Valentine's Day by Chad · HE Lee (Chad Hurley), Steve Chen (Steve Chen), before Judd Karim (Jawed Karim) and other three PayPal employees founded . Its founders intended for the convenience of sharing video clips among friends , then gradually becoming memories repository and users work release sites. Born in Taiwan, one of the founders Steve Chen (Steve Chen) in October 2007 to return home , and announced the formal establishment of the Taiwan Chinese version of YouTube.

YouTube first film by Karim on April 23, 2005 to upload, length of only 19 seconds . Before the film, Karim standing in California, the San Diego Zoo 's elephant , said: " These guys have a long, long, long , uh , nose so cool . ."年2006, YouTube has 40 million movie , attracting 600 million visitors a day ; in just 15 months after its establishment , has surpassed MSN Video and Google Video and other competitors to become this century 's most visited websites .

October 9, 2006 , Google the company to $ 1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube website , and with Universal Music , SonyBMG, Warner Music , CBS reached a content licensing and protection agreements , lifting the market for content providers may be held up infringing content high legal action concerns.

17 October 2007 and 18 May , YouTube were opened in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan Chinese website . In Taiwan, with the launch of YouTube , YouTube and CommonWealth magazine , Sanli TV, China Television Company , Taiwan Public Radio and Television Group , Lion Travel and other content providers signed a cooperation agreement ; launch in Hong Kong with YouTube , YouTube has signed with a number of well-known institutions in Hong Kong content cooperation agreements, including ATV , Hong Kong Tourism Board , radio Television Hong Kong and Celestial Pictures .

November 2008 , YouTube and MGM , Lions Gate Entertainment and CBS reached an agreement to allow playback in full-length movies and TV shows its U.S. website , which is to be able to move and be able to play and has authorized the National Broadcasting company , Fox broadcasting Company television series Hulu its competition . In mid-November 2009 , YouTube again signed the contract with the British Channel 4 , Britain 's Channel 4 will show the full upload to YouTube TV zone "Show", so that the UK YouTube users free and complete watch Channel 4 programs the United Kingdom, Total with over 60 partner companies to upload about more than 4000 complete television series ; British Channel 4 to become the world's first to offer a complete program to YouTube using the mass media . January 2010 , YouTube and available to U.S. users movie rental service .

March 2010 , YouTube began offering some content free movie or television drama series , such as the Indian Premier League cricket broadcast . According to YouTube 's report pointed out that this is a major sporting event the world's first free online broadcast.

March 31, 2010 , YouTube website to change the page into a more compact design , which aims to simplify the overall interface in order to increase the time users stay on the site . Shiva Rajaraman Google product manager, commented : "We feel that we really need to step back a little , in order to eliminate confounding station information ." In May 1997 , reported that there are over 2 billion YouTube videos to watch the day , and was described as "More than the three major U.S. television channel in prime time , so the total number of doubles watching ."

December 9, 2010 afternoon, for the promotion of personalized home page My YouTube, the video site YouTube hosted a popular musician contest, many music celebrities participated in the event.

March 9, 2011 morning , YouTube announced that it has acquired online video content provider Next NewNetworks. Also said it has established a group called "YouTube Next" team, responsible for accelerating video development partners to promote growth and development of a series of "Next" brand products.

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