Software Features

9 Auction Types (New features without pay extra)

Penny auctions – after each bid the item price increases by one penny.

Reverse auctions NEW! – the item price starts high and decreases after each bid.

Peak auctions – can be paused and resumed in order to only run at peak times.

Beginner auctions NEW! – only new users can bid on items.

Free auctions – it costs nothing to bid on an item.

Nail-biter auctions – Bid Buddys cannot be used to bid on items.

Ticker auctions NEW! – the auction timer restarts after each bid, Madbid-style.

Buy It Now auctions – users can buy items if they cannot wait until an auction ends.

Bid Package auctions – Allows you to auction bid packages, for which bids are automatically credited to the winner’s account.

Reserve auctions – Set a minimum price to sell at.

Most of the above auction formats can be combined together in different ways, for example you could have a Reverse Beginner Auction for Bid Packages!

8 Payment Gateways 

PayPal (paypal & credit card)

Google Checkout





iDEAL (TargetPay)

Simple & Clean layout with english language

Buy It Now Module

SEO friendly links

Full WYSIWYG Editor

Social Network Integration 


Free Support Period 

Free Installation 

Access to Members Area 

Member Forums & Wiki 

One-on-One Agents 

Share on social networks 

Free Upgrades 

General Features

Multiple Currencies

Stats Engine

Google Analytics

99% Open-Source Code 




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