5 Buttons That Will Help to Drive Traffic to Your Website

JakeMagleby Design Principles Apr 26, 2013

Driving traffic to your website is one of the strongest ways to boost your company's productivity and revenue. Your website is a front door of your company, the place of your visitor's first impressions. That's why you should create a website for your business that demonstrates your company's motto, passion, and customer service skills. When it comes to SEO strategies, you can optimize your search results by incorporating buttons that directly link people to your Twitter feed, Facebook, LinkedIn,Google+ and Pinterest  accounts.

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Although using social media buttons is a great way to connect people to all of your platforms.One of the largest problems that website owners run into when they put social media buttons on their websites is that they don't actually use them (or at least don't know how to do it right).Before adding social media button,you must think about  what it can be done for your website.


All of the buttons below are a great fit for your site, but, at the same time, they could be useless for you. Make sure you cater your social media buttons to your website. Don't overwhelm your clients. When there are too many social buttons on the site, it looks like a cluttered mash. Your visitors will tend to not interact with your blog. If you are going to use social media buttons, stick with the ones that are most relevant to your site and user-friendly.

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Keep your website fresh and up to date with Twitter. Tweets run off of real time and will be directly posted to your site which will keep your Twitter audience consistently updated and informed. Twitter is one of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your site, because tweets are only 140 characters or less and don't require as much time and energy as other social media outlets. Lure your Twitter followers back to your company's website by linking your Twitter account directly to your company's blog/site. You can do it easily using the step-by-step instructions found on Twitter's website.

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Facebook, just like Twitter, is one of the most crucial platforms whose buttons you should have linked to your site, because everyone has a Facebook account. This button will help to draw your Facebook friends back to your site. As a result, a larger audience will view your site.

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Having a Facebook button on your website is also great for mobile users. The majority of mobile users spend a whole lot of time on social media sites like Facebook which means that you can keep those folks updated on a consistent basis.


LinkedIn is a great social media tool that directs businesses to businesses or individuals to businesses. LinkedIn is more professionally oriented and allows users to interact with other people in the business world. Whether you are in the same career field or in completely different career fields than people you connect with on LinkedIn, it offers you the capability to network with each other and create new business-based relationships.

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Google+ might be one of the most underestimated social media platforms. But it is a great way to link your Gmail account directly back to your social media. Google+ allows you to connect to other Google users, link back to your website, and link to other Google based programs available such as YouTube.

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Young and old audiences alike are flocking to YouTube for entertainment, linking your videos back to your site and Google+ page is an ideal way to optimize your website. If your business utilizes YouTube on a regular basis, then having a Google+ account on your site will help increase your feed and potential viewers


Pinterest isn't a popular platform among only stay-at-home moms anymore, nowadays it's used by a wide variety of audiences: from workout routines to DIY home decor. Pinterest is jam-packed with great ideas for everybody! Utilize Pinterest to post pictures, tips, or recipes from your website and you'll see how powerful this social platform is! Incorporate a "pin-it" button below every DIY picture or guideline on your site in order to get more "pins".


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