Web Design Templates Are Popular, But Custom Web Design Isn't Dead

Larry Design Principles Oct 27, 2015

Most businesses can't thrive anymore without a website. Even mom and pop shops that have been around for several decades are beginning to change with the times and adopt the use of a website to enhance their business. This is made possible because web design has never been easier, cheaper, or faster than it is right now, thanks to template-based website platforms.

Templates made for building a website are becoming the leader in the industry. They provide the tools and the design required for building a functional, attractive website for much cheaper than a custom web design. It has traditional web designers asking if custom web design is dead and if it will be replaced by templates.

The use of templates is a very efficient way to build a website. The result can even be considered comparable to many of the custom-designed websites out there. However, it can't always be considered a replacement for custom web design, simply because tailor-made design is far too complex and unique to be turned into something as simplified and all-encompassing as a template.

Both custom web design and templates have their strong points and their weaknesses. When considering the perfect design for your business website, it may be worth it to contemplate the custom route in order to adequately convey your vision. Other times, personalized web design will be a waste of money if you can achieve your purposes using an affordable web template. There are many things to consider in this particular debate.

Templates Are Generally More Efficient

Probably the biggest reason that companies choose to use templates over custom design is the sheer efficiency of using a template. It's significantly more affordable to use a template design than it is to pay a custom designer to create your website. Besides that, companies can see a quick turnaround on their website design instead of waiting for one to be built to exact specifications.

The one downside to templates that makes them seem a little less efficient is that when a company outgrows a website, it's difficult to adapt the template to the growing needs. They must begin all over again in order to make their expanding company fit into the web design.

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